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HITS Leader van2020Czar 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Jul 2014
Welcome future HITS members!

 We are:

Hennessy International Tactical Services Inc. (HITS)  
Now Recruiting Active players for PS3 In All Time Zones. 
HITS Mission Statement:
To provide a highly professional and effective military service to illegitimate  individuals around the globe.
To provide the most professional contract service packages  globally, covering aspects related to sea, air, and land warfare.
To provide advice to individuals on weapon and weapon platform selection.

To provide a total apolitical service based on confidentiality, professionalism, and dedication.

We have weekly playlist meetups, mission meetups and free mode meetups.
HITS primarily dominates all aspects of bounties in game including protecting or neutralizing targets.
HITS dominates any assassination related missions.
HITS offers protection for robberies of Stationary or Mobile targets.
HITS offers protection of vehicle thefts.
HITS offers re-acquisition of vehicles stolen by rivals.
HITS offers vehicle bombing services.
We provide any contract services to any crew or individuals 
If you would like to actively recruit members there is plenty of room at the higher levels of the crew.
Hits R Us a new crew and is the in the Rank filling phase we would like to start a formal Vehicle division as well.
All crew decision making will be via majority rules vote between the Lieutenants, Commissioners and the Leader
Currently we have a dozen excelent Deathmatch creations for your killing pleasure.
Crew: Hits R Us (HITS) 
 Social Club ID: van2020
Website is under construction:
- Hits R Us -
"Reach out and touch someone"

We Take killing Seriously
The Partnership for a Murder Free America - This is your brain. This is your brain with a hole in it form HITS. Any questions?

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